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Welcome to Nextera Play Group

Pre schooling plays a pivotal role in your child’s life. Do you know how? Come let’s discuss some of the major points how and where your child should grow?

As per the stats, 90% of a child’s permanent foundation for brain development occurs in the early five years according to Rauch Foundation. An overuse of gadgets can only stunt this growth and cause a negative impact on the child’s overall development. If your child is spending more time swiping and scrolling, instead of interaction with the real world, you need to act before it’s too late.

So it is very essential to correct their basics right from the starting. No matter they remember those things in their daily routine or not, but it remains in their sub conscious mind throughout their life.


Over past few years, pre schooling has become a necessity to secure primary school admissions. A research done by Harvard Business School proves that overall early learning experiences such as those in pre-school marks an impact on overall life success. As per their theory pre-school lays a cognitive and developmental foundation that result in improved developmental and academic outcome later on. They further mentioned that participation in pre-school programs promotes parental involvement and greater contact between parents and teachers, increasing the effectiveness of child’s earliest learning experiences at home as well as in school. Although you will be bombarded with numerous billboards across the city, with pre schools claiming to be the best, choosing one that works for your child is not an easy task. It is your choice and you are the best judge to finalize the place how your child should be developed.

Our Facilities


There are sand pits….


Our premise is covered with lots of plantations to give an exposure of Flora to our child….

Kitchen Garden

There is patch for our children to grow a variety of vegetables and fruit shrubs which encourages them to observe changing pattern throughout the year, as a part of experimental learning….


Regular body check up, knowledge about first aid kit, fire safety training and training our child to handle emergency situations….

Live CCTV Cameras

Besides Security Guards our School is fully secured by latest modern techniques like CCTV Cameras, Surveillance Systems in order to make sure complete security of Kids within the Premises…..

100% Nutritious Food

We have a Dedicated team of Chefs who take care of entire food processing activity. We strictly make sure Proper Hygenic food to be served to all kids. ….

Principal’s Message

“Nexteras School, Geetank has a rich tradition of serving the nation in a distinguished way. I am proud to be a part of it. I am sure each individual associated with the school feels so. We immensely value our tradition, imbibe values and learn lessons from it.

Human beings are meaning seekers. Only those who have the sense of history are able to go beyond it. I deem that our common history and heritage beckons us, to march forward beyond the known horizons. Let us strive towards a new future, counting on our natural talents, inner strength and trust in God. ‘We can do all things with the power of the one who strengthens us’. Hence, we march forward ‘to be a man’, to stand up, to be counted with the noble souls. May God bless and guide all our undertakings.

This website will provide information about us and, the activities that go on in the school campus. I sincerely thank those who designed, developed and will continue to update from time to time. May God bless you abundantly. Wish you all the very best in life..Stay connected.”

Our Staffs

Jack Daniels

Senior Supervisor

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Linda Glendell

Teaching Professor

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Kate Dennings

Children Diet

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Kristof Slinghot


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